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For growers who had the opportunity, the best solution for growing only females was to obtain cuttings of female plants or to take clones themselves from selected mother plants. However, not all growers can afford to produce their own cuttings. You must have an indoor growing space with specific lighting and the possibility of growing over a long period after selecting one or more mother plants. It is not always easy to make your own cuttings and growers need to know a number of techniques. These are the reasons that led to cannabis seed bank producing feminized seeds.

Feminized seeds first entered the cannabis market about 15 years ago. Even if some seed banks were initially reluctant. In the meantime, virtually all of them now sell feminized seeds in their catalogue.

How to feminize seeds?

Outdoor growers, in particular, were interested in feminized seeds. Indeed, outdoor growers must keep their plants growing for several months before their sex is revealed, usually during August. In guerilla crops, plants are sometimes difficult to access and it is not always easy to remove the males before pollination. With a culture based on regular seeds, the outdoor grower can end up with a majority of male plants, which can compromise his entire season.

Some growers are reluctant to try and grow feminized seeds, saying that it doesn’t feel right and is interfering with nature. However, it is a process that occurs naturally – lobelias, for example, only flowers with hermaphrodite and female plants. Male plants encourage genetic diversity – and the leaves of male plants can be used to make excellent hashish so feminization is not a road that is essential to explore. However, there is no strong scientific reason not to only use feminized seeds – at least for a couple of generations. Just make sure you do it the right way so as not to end up with lots of hermaphrodite plants.

This is the easiest method to get feminized seeds naturally without any products, but there are many disadvantages to this method. The goal is to stress a female cannabis plant to make it hermaphrodite. This happens from time to time in the wild, usually after the plant is subject to stress such as a lack of water. It naturally produces male pollen flowers and ends up self-pollinating. Changing the photoperiod several times is one of the techniques used to stress the plant and obtain male flowers. Keeping the plant in its growing space at the end of the life cycle, well after maturation, may favour the appearance of flowers. This technique is a bit random and does not always allow good results to be obtained. In fact, you are highly likely to end up with a high proportion of hermie (hermaphrodite) plants in the mix.

Me too.
But sometimes life is a bitch with her own rules

I have a Batch of ten year old Seeds.
They were not stored right. They were in a sealed Seedcontainer but not in the fridge.
The Genetics of those Seeds are superior and unique.
I would hate loosing them.

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I agree if you absolutely cannot lose them you might wana search out the seed kit by monstergardens?
Basically sterilize the seed and soak in what they give you and you sprout in a test tube if i recall correctly.

Give it a try and share the Info.

You could also try a kelp soak but i dont feel comfortable saying something that might cause you to lose your strai

Deno, N. 1993. Seed Germination, Theory and Practice, Second Edition. Availability.

GA-3 Quick-Start Instructions

Sodium hypochlorite (household bleach) has been used in a 1% solution for a one-hour presoak to stimulate germination of some species. Mix one part bleach with 4 1/4 parts water for a 1% solution. A ten minute soak in one part bleach plus one part water is an FDA approved seed disinfectant.

Presoaking seeds in malt extract solution or in beer may increase germination and vigor, especially of old seeds, due to enzyme enrichment. Higher resistance to damping off and higher yields have been reported. Other sources of enzymes include digestive aids (bromelain, papain, etc, available at health food stores), enzyme cleaners for contact lenses, and enzyme drain-cleaning products.

Gibberellic Acid (GA-3) is safe and easy to use. If you want to get started right away, before reading the full instruction sheet, here is how. Some people have written that the full instruction sheet is needlessly complicated or intimidating, and they didn't feel ready to use GA-3 on their seeds. Sorry! Don't let my overly-scientific instructions keep you from trying it. It can all be summed up as:

It is more natural than aspirin (a semi-synthetic) and safer than vitamin A. If you ate an ounce of pure vitamin A it would kill you!).

Solutions of GA-3 are said to break down with time or exposure to sunlight, so store in a dark place. Kept in the dark it stores for years. We have tested solution stored at room temperature for 4 years and found it fully active.


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